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Home Eye Care
Eye Care
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It is very important that you regularly schedule a comprehensive eye examination. Your prescription can change gradually overtime, decreasing your quality of vision almost imperceptibly. As well, people with pre-existing eye conditions often have a greater likelihood of developing more severe eye disorders. Thus, if you wait until you think there may be something wrong, it may be too late to effectively treat the eye disease without losing some quality in your vision. Children and seniors should get their eyes examined at least once a year because they are more vulnerable to eye problems than people in other age groups.


  • Complete ocular and medical history
  • Refraction - the determination of your prescription
  • Glaucoma check - eye pressure evaluation
  • External and internal eye health evaluation (with or without pupil dilation)
  • Final diagnosis, recommendation and prescription


  • Early monitoring for amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Eye alignment evaluation
  • Monitoring for congenital eye diseases
  • Colour vision and depth perception testing


  • The development of cataracts
  • Monitor for glaucoma and macular degeneration
  • Monitor for diabetes and hypertension
  • Management of dry eyes
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